my 4-day weekend

11:04 AM Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I still don't know what caused me to suffer from major stomach cramps last Friday (and mild LBM to boot... arrgh, to think I am so against slimming teas because I am so anal retentive!), which resulted in me just curled up and sleeping.

Tuloy, I missed the sale at Mega Mall... and the Blogberks' eat-all-you-can EB.

I was better last Saturday... but the heat made me late for the AA basketball game (by virtue of me unable to dress quickly because I had to rest and sit down and just enjoy the slight comfort the electric fan can offer). We went to this newly-opened bar at the corner of Leviste in Makati, where drinks are cheap. Sadly, halfway through my orange-pineapple juice, I felt my throat getting irritated.

I dared not think of an ENT's comment on how some preservatives can actually trigger tonsillitis... but true enough, Sunday woke me up with my lymph nodes swollen... enough for me to actually feel them, identify them, and hurt myself repeatedly by repeatedly touching them.

And because it was a Sunday and my sinuses were giving me a bad headache, no clinics were open near where I lived.

And with yesterday being a holiday (drat the government too for announcing this one late Thursday night... most people weren't able to make plans!), I had to insist my presence at the ER instead.

And drat the doctor... giving me a prescription which am allergic to.

And now I cannot help but wonder if lymph nodes actually burst (I called before going to the ER, and was told that unless I was in fatal pain or my nodes have burst, they'd still just send me home to see a specialist the following day)... and what really triggered this infection (i don't have colds nor cough... but now, thanks to Difflam, my mouth is numb)


Sniff... last Friday, he managed to eat one whole donut. Tao na sya talaga!

Not that he hasn't been fed an equal amount of food up to that time ok?

He's also lately become very territorial and possessive... trying to get all the toys that aren't even his, and biting those who are getting in the way.

He's also started insisting having his own plate and spoon during mealtimes... even if we do still run after him to feed him.

Haaay... he is sooo fast growing up.


Told you I bought two books last week. Really enjoyed Bergdorf Blondes, because it was light and funny. Yes, it's a lot superficial and is some sort of romantic novel in a non-mushy way. But it's really funny.

I just took issue with the reference to a Filipino maid... especially since the lines of that maid didn't sound Filipino at all... more like other Asians who can't speak in English. I figured, if we're sending teachers as domestic helpers to Asian countries... what more to Manhattan!

Still, it's a really funny read.


The Five People You Meet in Heaven is a GREAT read... inspiring in a light way, it makes you reflect on what you believe of your life and where you are in that life.

Basically, Eddie dies and is met by 5 people in heaven... who taught him about:
1) responsibility... how we affect everyone... and one man's loss may be another man's gain, and that is alright
2) sacrifice... how we give up or lose some in order to gain something far greater... or at least, pass on something to other people
3) forgiveness... of people who did not meet our expectations, of people who damaged us
4) love and loneliness
5) atonement... that thing that actually dictates the WHY we are where we are...

The book said that heaven is where you make sense of your yesteryears... and yes, the basic premise is... we all meet 5 people in heaven... and we all wait for at least one person in heaven...

And now I want to watch the DVD. Sniff...

But really, this is a great read.


In Five People... it was said that we all have a True Love snapshot... one particular memory we keep coming up whenever we think of our loved one.

For all intents and purposes, JRA is my true love... and my snapshot of him will always be that afternoon (sunset) in Boracay, some 4 years ago... when he was scolding me about how he's doing everything to take care of me but am too stubborn I was hurting myself.

The tiff was about this bathing suit (and its ruched design) that was scratching at my singit... that later on produced a really bad welt there. I told him about it... and he insisted that we take a tricycle back to the resort. I insisted on walking... because I was feeling the holding hands while walking along the beach at sunset thing.

Anyway... that is my snapshot of him. Sure, he was upset and he was scolding me... but that will forever remind me of why I love him and how he must love me.


From where am sitting right now... I can only think of my maternal Lola as a guaranteed welcome party. But then again, who you loved best may not necessarily be the one who will teach you your last lessons.

I also wonder... assuming the natural order of having my parents die before me... if Dad will be meeting me there... to enlighten me on whether he really had an affair before... and why.

And then I thought... i'd love for JRA to meet me too, but that would mean he'd have to die first.

And I figured, in a way, it's a fair enough deal... to lose him and then be welcomed by him, or to leave him, and then be his welcoming committee.


What Dreams May Come (a fave movie) and Five people (now fave book) both propose the idea that you choose your heaven... in heaven.

JRA said, heaven for him be wherever he is with me and holding my hand.

My heaven is a little more complicated.

It's going to be a picnic or kiddie party... where all the kids I really found cute or cared about will be present... and my sis will be there as a kid herself... and i'd be taking pictures of them and attending to them and laughing at them...

I'd be a witness to their antics and cuteness...

And JRA will be carrying a child in his arms (most likely, Pyro), watching me...


To Tatang Rome and G, for their padala

and to ate sienna for making them karay...

and to mari for taking them to me, plus all the concern because i kept getting sick

and to doc emer who cared more about my tonsils and health than i'll ever do....

it's really a privilege having such wonderful friends...


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