How Was I? How Were You?

11:28 AM Monday, February 22, 2010

A former neighbor and playmate who moved away from the neighborhood recently found me on Facebook and was asking me to share pics of me in college and when I was still single.... to fill the years in. We even ask each other if our teeth are still complete, what things we liked doing in college, when we first fell in love, etc.

It was really nice talking.

But that was a time before digital files and I realized that as much as I had sooo many pictures taken before, because I still liked to pose then, I seldom posted pictures on my blog.

And I really have to start scanning my older pics, even if I do have the negatives for them :)

Now, I have half the mind to compile old pics and post them on FB... to remind myself that I was really fun and slim once... and to show others, should they check my profile, that I was fun and slim once. Haha.

Then again, am not sure how hubby's relatives would take to seeing lots of pics of me with my cleavage proud. Ahehe.


  1. This post made me think about old friends too :) Naka-lungkot to think that we're scattered all over the globe now. Thankfully, there's always email / FB / the internet to bridge the distance.


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