5:54 PM Tuesday, September 14, 2004

allow me to share some pics i took that i find really beautiful... and well... creepy :)

this was taken in Sagada... imagine taking that picture at Echo Valley, with the setting sun upon you, the air chilly, and your companion is egging you to take closer pictures of them coffins... ( i wasn't using my beloved canon yet then)

this one i took in Baguio, for no other reason other than it was really cold, and I got inspired

and if anyone here was already around to read my entry about the doll that my sister keeps... well, here you have it folks...

and now, imagine my sister and cousin having my nephew play with that doll... like when my nephew is sitting on the floor, they'd have the doll sit next to him as if they're playmates :) or having them command Pyro to embrace that doll...

tres creepy, no?


for some kicks, let me share you the pic i took.. which a Stat Prof from UP absolutely adored...


i no longer have any WCs to eat at home... woe is me


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