11:23 AM Monday, September 06, 2004

Before I go ga-ga over the weird, drooling, lovable entity that is my nephew... I would like first to say that words escaped me, and continue to escape me, for that tragedy last Friday at Commonwealth Avenue...

... where a man jumped from this flyover with his one-year old child, with the child (of course) dying due to internal hemorrhage... after some 3 hours of negotiation that amounted to nothing...

there are a lot of things that were easily noticed/critiqued... mostly, how everybody who was watching were unable to do something to catch the father and son's fall if the father decides to jump anyway... after all, they can catch jumping people in concerts and landing balloons that can be inflated in 2 minutes tops are already invented and they could have at least parked a truck there or something to catch the fall... and why was traffic not stopped in the midst of negotiations?

but i am more appalled and shocked and saddened and worried over what brought that man there in the first place... drugs is just something that aggravated it... but really, what drove him there?


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