because i'm not just a little sad...

3:48 PM Thursday, September 02, 2004

i think it's time
i become a girl again
a girl
who keeps the faith
and has hope
lives free, unbounded
prays nightly
laughs constantly
a girl who knows
that the important things
are those spontaneous,
little acts of kindness
a girl
able to be vulnerable
able to apologize
able to forgive
i really pray i'll be
a girl
who can get hurt
and then forget
and forever move on
again and again
starting fresh everyday
able to sleep in the night
and dream sweet dreams
i want to be the girl i was
who believed in people
and myself
who wrote letters
and said my "thank you's"
and my "sorry's"
without pride
i want to go back
to the original beauty
of my innocence
where i danced and played
and just simply
lived and loved
when sweetness was my name
and thoughtfulness my game
when my values were straight
my goals aligned
no bitterness and resentment
to poison my soul
no regrets to burden my heart.

- Mec October 09, 2000, 2:45 pm


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