10:15 AM Monday, September 20, 2004

My friend Misb changed blog address... she's now to be found at http://areyoudrugs.blogspot.com

ARE YOU DRUGS? is a grammar-challenged, funny sentence I got from my friend Mario back in my DOF days... he got it from a pretentious fellow UP student. I posed the exact question several months ago to some pretentious guy who refuses to just speak in Filipino in MTC. It became a word-of-mouth among my AA fwends.

I miss Mario soooo much... sigh


Anybody interested to read about my most recent climb, just check this out. I am still groggy and hurting, mind you.


As I was trudging the slippery trail alone, with friends a hundred or so feet ahead of and behind me... i'd sometimes stop and just lift my head up to the falling rain. And i'd think, I am so blessed and happy with life.

I'd also think, I am so in love with Jesus Reuben R. Arevalo III, that I cannot help but pray that i'd really be able to make an honest man out of him... soon.


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