1:07 PM Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I think i've kinda outgrown taking pictures of my nephew. Or maybe he just moves too fast these days and is just plain delicious-cute that i'd rather just watch him pick up the phone's handset to put on his shoulder... or fight with other kids over a comb... or do his signature weird thing with whichever of his stuffed toy he's holding that has a tail: he swishes/rubs/sniffs the tail just under his nose and across his face when he's already ready for bedtime (think of that creepy guy with the hair fetish in the Charlie's Angels movie).

My mom is delirious with happiness that my brother has landed a job (finally) and his wife is going to Korea for some 6 months with her band, leaving her free to cart my nephew to Lipa every weekend.


Speaking of pictures, I'm still a lot disappointed that I didn't have a lot of great shots taken last time I went climbing. I also haven't taken photos of anything lately, no chair or twig or play of light has interested me.

And then I was reminded of my friend Aids and pictures he took which I hope to duplicate with some other child. This continues to be a masterpiece of such proportions in soulful photography... for me.


To Mommies who want cute pictures of their daughters, go to Divisoria and get one of those mermaid costumes. It's only P400 (can fit 3-year old babies). My colleague only took videos using her mobile so I don't have any pics to share.



My body finds itself, longing and longing more for you
You, who make it quiver with anticipation
everytime you instruct me to undress
I grow pliant and yielding under your gentle touch...
our encounters relaxing me and nurturing me and fulfilling me
i love the feel of your hands
exploring my body
gently, irrevocably, demandingly
some positions we undertake
make me hold my breath
only to reel with satisfaction after
i do not remember having surrendered
my body to someone as totally
and i can't remember someone
who has pleasured me as generously
my time with you is always not enough
and i find myself biting my lips
wondering when i'd see you next
while gathering my clothes up.


There I was, prone lying with only my panties on, enjoying a massage... when suddenly, people at the spa were shouting that there was a commotion and there were gunshots.

For a while, I felt like one of those sleazy men caught in the act of sleeping with pros during raids... but then I started thinking, "Why would there be a gunfight inside SM Manila?"

Still, I was told to dress up and we all had our bags ready, just waiting for the GO signal that it's safe to leave the premises.

And then, the spa opened it's rolling door (what do you call that?) again and it's business as usual. I was told it's ok to undress again. I had already composed a message to send to JRA (yes, yes... it must be labbb!!), because I was sure he'd want to know if anything's wrong. I didn't send it tho, since I didn't know what was wrong in the first place.

Turned out, there WAS a commotion at the cinema... some people say that A warning shot was fired. But the rat-tat-tat-tat we heard that led all the people running to seek cover was actually the rolling doors of the establishments, all being closed quickly.

Good thing, Gloria's hands are soooo good, I went home relaxed and merry.


I was blog-hopping kanina and found this site directing his readers to a long but worth-it read. Enjoy...


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