11:31 AM Monday, September 06, 2004

My sis-in-law and her siblings (who have married foreigners) have been having this grand reunion for weeks now... they bring their kids to the mall together, they go swimming in Laguna, they visited our house in Lipa (where the kids fought over who will pick the lanzones my Dad was harvesting, and where this half-German kid insisted in taking a whole banana leaf and some sticks back to Manila) and of course, they had to go bring the youngest cousins to the zoo.

look who's brave

The only baby I know who doesn't delight in seeing his feeding bottle, my nephew however will spend hours plowing the entire first floor for ants. And because of my Mom's incessant drive to rid our house of pets, Saturday morning found this baby mouse falling from somewhere, half-dead from poison. Faster than a speeding bullet, my nephew managed to reach the mouse (he doesn't really walk yet unless you're holding him by the finger, and he doesn't know how to crawl, what he does is this cripple-slide using his feet to pull his bottom) and before his mother could pick him up, the mouse was already in his hand, being crushed further to death.

Of course, Angie (the mom) went berserk... and tried picking a fight with my brother for letting their precious bundle of joy and smelly poop to pick something so hideously awful. But I guess, it really meant he was prepared for Manila Zoo (which was enough for kids, but I heard Avilon Zoo at Montalban is a LOT better)

I didn't go with them... but since it was my nephew's first time at the zoo, I begrudgingly parted with my digicam and let them borrow it for the day, with instructions not to delete any pics they take (i'd do it for them, lest they mess up any of the settings), not to drop the cam or let the kids play with it, and to not bring it anymore if they ever decide to ride boats or go near the water.

And so, I heard of how calmly my nephew let a parrot peck on his fingers, and how he pulled a turtle's head backwards (I am not condoning my nephew's cruelty to animals... the zoo should have known better not to have them petted by visitors), and how he kept kicking the above croc's snout (?)...

And the piece de resistance...


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