1:19 PM Saturday, September 11, 2004

happy news I just received the news that my nephew and godson, Kyle, 4-years old (the one who once told his Aunt that she had feet and could just as easily get the broom she was asking him to get for her) and attending Nursery school… is top of both morning and afternoon nursery classes. Finally, that superstitious tradition of having someone with qualities you want your child to possess to cut his hair first, on his first birthday, is coming true… Then again, I cut all of their hair first (Kyle and brother Bryant and sister Kulay, and their first cousins Bonita and Bitoy) so the pressure to have them all grow up and be excellent in school is putting pressure on me. Seriously.

really happy news We finally have a car! My Dad surprised us all by having my cousin drive the Isuzu (sorry but I don’t know much about cars, all I know is it’s not a sedan, it’s that Crosswind-type one) to Manila last night to fetch my Mom. I know most people won’t understand the relevance of this one, but I was so happy for my parents. It was a dream come true for them, after all the years of saving and penny-pinching, investing all their money on lands and houses instead of luxuries like that (especially if you take in the fact that gasoline prices are rising every week). This signaled the start of their not-so-practical purchases to just enjoy life… and I’m really, really happy. And my Dad started learning to drive yesterday, at the grand old age of 59.

very happy news I have white chocolates waiting for me to feast on!!! Two whole blocks and other miscellaneous bon bons and White Kitkat. I feel loved again!!!

kinda sad news My cousin Tin-Tin, who’s lived with us for 4 years now, turned 20 last night. Sigh. How fast they really grow up… I can still remember changing her diapers and babysitting her… and now, she’s not a teenager anymore. And of course, I marvel at how she’s turned out to be the beauty and loving woman we’ve always predicted her to become. Happy birthday, sweet cousin, and adopted sister.

really sad news Found out that since Wednesday, my nephew Bitoy has been confined in the hospital because of bad asthma. I couldn’t help but feel really sad, his last confinement cost his parents P17k and they’re not really well off. And Bitoy has been in and out of the hospital because of his lungs ever since he was born, and he’s only 1-year and 3 months old, just a month older than my Pyro. A child shouldn’t have to be so sick. His dad just texted me that his lungs are really weak, and are now really infected. So, anyone, please pray for my nephew. It just really hurts to have loved ones sick, what more babies like him.


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