atrocious valentines

9:48 AM Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I was already dismissing my students to attend to their Valentine activities at 9 PM last night. It was only then that I checked my phone and found out that there have been bombings.

JRA was the one who informed me, telling me that it was a little dangerous outside.

For a moment, I wanted to just detain my students, not knowing what's really going on out there.

I warned them to be alert and to take care...

Then JRA calls to tell me that there were also bombings in Gen San and Davao.

Later, I was to find out that the Abus are claiming responsibility for the attacks, "as their Valentine gift to PGMA".

And you wonder what state of mind they're in to have forgotten that:
1) It wasn't PGMA they harmed or killed
2) They did more harm to the economy and just assured that development projects in Mindanao will suffer due to a probable decrease in subsidies
3) They killed and involved innocent people

JRA's Mom kept trying to contact him until she was assured that her son was safe. Who knows how many other parents did the same.

I reported to my parents and sought my sister and cousin to tell them to go home immediately (and postpone their paglandi with their boyfriends some other time).

I don't think such atrocities will ever justify whatever the Abus supposedly stand for...

They'd always be wrong and unfair and inhuman...

They give Moslems a bad name.


Let us all pray for those who lost loved ones from the attacks.


Sir MK, thank you for sponsoring my much-enjoyed dinner at Harbor View (Fresh Oysters, California Maki, Shrimp Bicol Express, Chef's Salad and 2 scoops of Mint Choco Chips)


City Mayor Atienza sponsored a Valentine Ballroom Dancing for Senior Citizens at Sta. Cruz (that plaza in front of Plaza Fair).

Watching senior citizens gracefully dancing brought me some sadness for my generation, for not having mastered the art of dancing gracefully such classic dances (except if you've trained with a DI or something)...

I guess it's one thing that older generations can really be proud of... that they mastered the art of dancing and taken those steps to heart. You only have to attend parties to have an idea how... those 50-year olds and above... must have partied all those years ago...

When their chins and skins weren't sagging yet... and many years away from cancer and strokes and ungrateful children...


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