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11:18 AM Monday, February 07, 2005

Friday night, I met up with college friends. It was great seeing Fel again, and we finally got to see Jerry with his noselift, and Allee has also gained weight. BHing couldn't make it because her son was sick.

WE couldn't decide where to eat so we ate at Mangan. I was shocked to see Allee eating 2 cups of rice... I happily informed them that I now eat vegetables, and fondly reminisced about all the times Fel used to finish my veggies for me... to which she informed us all that she now doesn't eat veggies herself.

I also only found out that Allee was allergic to shrimps, in reaction to Jerry ordering OKOY...

I wondered aloud how come I never knew of her allergy to shrimps, to which she replied that we didn't have enough money for seafood back then anyway. True enough, we filled our days with instant pancit canton... and nothing else.

I also didn't realize, until Allee pointed it out, that I seldom gave clear answers to what's nice-smelling (when we're testing colognes and perfumes) or what looks good (when we're trying outfits) before. Allee insisted it was like pulling teeth... that I never raved about anything.

We talked about our families, how Allee is an aunt to 3 wonderful kids, and how their youngest will never walk, and how she and Jay has moved their wedding date to 21 December. Jerry regaled us about his knowledge of gown fabrics and designs and also updated us about his past boyfriends, one of which we once met (Dante ended up working in White Bird before moving in with err... the son of a famous politician), how he collects Buddhas now and intends to move back here in Manila. Fel's live-in partner is back in Dubai, and thank heavens, she's finally gotten her son baptized.

It was great gossiping about old friends, old classmates, old teachers. It was great catching up on each other. The last time we gathered was on Bhing's birthday, July 2000... Bhing was also absent that time. Now we're looking forward to meeting up again for Jerry's March birthday...

The gang decided to go to Baywalk... and they decided to walk to Rajah Sulayman park (that fountain area in front of Malate Church). I kept cursing at them because I was wearing heels and they were all wearing flats. But we had a blast going there, while I take silly pictures of us. Too bad I can't upload the pics right now...

To cap the evening, we all went to Buendia Jam Station to see Jerry board his bus, back to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. As we were saying our goodbyes and exchanging besos, Jerry mistakenly kisses a girl who was standing by the sidewalk next to us, thinking it was Allee. Of course, he aplogized and assured the girl that they're both women anyway... and we all were doubled up in laughter.


Saturday night, after a Blue Bay Eat-all-you-can dinner for JRA's sister, he accompanied me to Makati Republik for my high school batch reunion. It was something which we should have had last year to celebrate our 10th Anniv but organizers only rallied together late last year.

It was sad, i couldn't contact my bestfriend Lota. None of my high school gang were there... although of course, past seatmates and buddies were present. It would have been nice to have Lota there with me... as we talk about who we really missed, how a lot has changed, etc.

There were 5 teachers there... and I couldn't help but be amazed that where, 10 years ago they'd all have come pulling our ears as we get dragged to the Prefect of Discipline for the slightest suggestion of a curse word or an obscene remark... they were all there laughing their hearts out at the many antics and reminscences of the gay emcees. It was like, none of us graduated from a Catholic school!!!

Anton was there and wowed us again at how wonderful his voice has become...

One of the gay emcees, while being entertaining, quipped that those who came from Star Sections before are the ones unemployed now so the lower sections shouldn't feel so bad.

And of course, despite not having old friends to gab with, I couldn't help but be happy with all the things I found out (those who were caught kissing and got detention for it, etc) and remembered (how all the girls only used one building, how we looked the night of our Prom). The organizers prepared this AVP of old and current photos... and also real-time photos... complete with background music. They also played old dance songs (Lick It... yeah).

Of course, it's amazing how... 2/3 of us got fat.... and some more than others. The former campus queens are now sporting bellies and bulges, the former heartthrobs now in the shadow of former average-looking people or geeks who have blossomed into girlie-girlie cuteness and artistic coolness/handsomeness. Some quiet ones have come out, and are now ma-chika and made-up. One showed up pregnant...

And one of those who showed up was my former crush... THE greatest crush of my life. He's also grown fat. Even the gay guys who used to be all over him was aghast. Not that he wasn't able to retain his charming face... but well, he's grown fat.

And he made me miss Lota all the more... though I guess Lota might have minded seeing him because she's been hiding from him (they dated some 2 years ago and he's gotten quite attached to her, in a purely sexual way). And of course, as I was secretly contemplating him from afar, I wondered about how rough he gets in bed (based from my friend's FR) and whether he's good, or just rough.

It was also sad, though only logical, to know that he doesn't make me tingle all over anymore... sigh, we do grow up and outgrow crushes, don't we?

Anyway... it's still nice seeing old faces... a former seatmate told me that she finds my Friendster pics very sexy (ha! i should direct them all to mtc ahehe). I look forward to 10 Jan 2009, for our 15th Anniv... hopefully, i'd have married and given birth to my first child by then...


Sunday afternoon, I had another allergy attack... my students have been texting me all week last week to get better...


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