2:21 PM Friday, February 04, 2005

Not a very good day so far.

I've already been going all kinds of berserk because one of my rechargeable batteries have been missing since yesterday.

And yes, the batteries were important because they were expensive and if I didn't find that one, i'd have to buy an entire set again... which would cost me some P1k.

And yes, I use the batteries for a really important gadget that fills me with delight and propels me into ecstasies.

I use them for my digicam.


Speaking of digicams...

Usually, when I have the luxury of time... and am just going to be home... I take my time in bathing.

See, I take really quick showers. I figure, since I use a puff (more like a net) and bath gel everyday, surely I won't need to make kuskos so much because am already basically clean.

But when I do have the luxury of time... I take time just shampooing my hair, and then conditioning it while I attend to other body hair... I also foot scrub my feet to death... to prep them for a pedicure. I also use a body scrub first to exfoliate before using my vanilla-flavored (or J&J bedtime) body wash. And then I wrap myself in a towel and lock myself in my room.

I then put on lotion... or the lavander body oil i'm recently using.

It's just that sometimes... my sensuality gets the better of me...

Which takes us back to my camera.

Which leads to naughty pictures.

Which leads to this burning curiosity to upload them in my PC and see how I can use them to bedevil others.

This is what happened last Sunday... this was how I cheered myself up because I was sick.


Which brings me to today.

My PC broke down.. stop error screen whatever, and now would need to be reformatted.

Thank heavens and all that is good and supportive of one of my life's purposes (to spread joy using my form), we were able to at least get my files (all of them). They are now saved in my colleague's PC, awaiting their transfer to their true home.

And in my bag is my camera, frustrated as a ferret that did not get any, and there to stay for the day.

So alas, no new naughty pics for me and the rest of the world.

Woe is the world.

Tonight I will meet with college friends. Tomorrow with high school batchmates.

May I be one of those who look better with time.


Yesteday, I filled up a form and shelled out P500... to reserve Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Sigh. Happiness.


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