happy birthday, sis

8:27 AM Tuesday, February 01, 2005

She stopped being 18 last night, and the first minutes of her birthday found her banging on our printer which was refusing to cooperate. Later on, she happily went to my room to share her masterpiece with us, a very neat title page for her report.

We greeted her of course, and I felt guilty that I didn't have a gift for her that she can wake up to. But i'm still sniffy and I had class last night.

She's requesting carbonara tonight with lots of ham... (and I don't know if i'd still make one since Mom cooked spaghetti already this morning)


She's the conservative, am the liberated one.

And yet, she refuses to let me out of the house if my outfit isn't sexy enough.

Just the other night, she says she needed some gimmick clothes for a 'fashion show' they're holding for a prof... and so she was trying my clothes on. Exasperated, she turned to me and complained that she looked promiscuous.

I reminded her that she shouldn't be going through my wardrobe then... to which she agreed... but she used one of my tops anyway, the black one with the cowl neckline.


She's more masungit than i'd ever be. If I was born PMS-y, she was born menopausal.

I also feel am nicer to my boyfriend.

And we have yet to get a good reason out of her why she refuses to bring her boyfriend home to meet us, while my cousin Tin has not only brought her bf home, but has also brought other friends of hers home... with their boyfriends in tow.


She loves Pyro more than I do. She's a Nursing student with long hours, but at the first sound of whimpering from Pyro's crib, no matter how tired she is, she'd come comforting him back to sleep.

And when Pyro got sick with the rubella, it was her who spent all her sem break days attending to him... unmindful of her bf's longing to spend time with her...

This from the same girl who once told me that she hopes I give birth soon, so she can open up my baby and check out the baby's insides...

The same girl who creepily attends to her doll.

From the same girl who, years ago, admitted to me that she's in a relationship with another girl...

From the same girl who would write me "Happy Birthday" letters on pad paper, filled with hearts...

The same girl who promises me ice cream if only i'd stop crying...


We've had really bad fights... and we've had really good moments.

I could never leave home before because I was so scared i'd miss her growing up... I kept telling myself, I had to protect her from my parents and their warped ways, I had to be there to buy her the nice stuff that I couldn't have before, I had to be there in case she had questions about life, love, and sex...

I never wanted her to feel that she didn't have anybody...

And yet this year, she's setting me free by leaving home first.

Well, not actually leaving home... but migrating to the US with my parents... and no longer giving me a reason not to pursue my other dreams and desires.

I've always said, I love her best. I've always said, she's my mentor... and today she turned 19.


Special mention... happy birthday to a good friend too... thank you for all the comfort and companionship...


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