help, am an addict

12:19 PM Monday, February 28, 2005

Last week saw me consume 800 gms of white chocolates and 200 gms of walnuts. In just 4 days. Actually, make that 4 different sittings. Usually at night. And with already great self-control.

And I want more.

I'm going broke.

I'm going crazy.

All I think about is eating these two. All I want to be is half-lying on my bed, reading magazines while eating them with both hands.

I've already mastered the art of holding a walnut in a finger, and holding a WC in the other, and still being able to turn the pages of a book, without spoiling the book or mag.

My heart beats faster with the knowledge that i'd be in a mall... because then, i'd know that Tobi's House of Nuts is just around the corner... and Watson's or the grocery would have the Swiss Delice 400-gm block that I love (actually, i love Cadbury Dream better but it's already P160.00 at only 240 gms).

I almost cried when I mustered every self-discipline I have not to buy them last Saturday, esply since i've just withdawn money from the ATM.

I am so restless. And purposeless.

I'm looking forward to nothing else except the chance when i'd get to buy them and enjoy them again. (chances are, that would be tomorrow)

I honestly quiver with anticipation... and licking at the chocolate the first time (for that night) would send shivers of delight up and down my spine, making my skin tingle, making me sigh and moan with pleasure, making me feel horny and sated at the same time...


Send WC and walnuts my way.



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