9:03 AM Monday, February 21, 2005

I would just like to share this poem of sorts that someone sent me... which heralded the happy weekend I had... (and yes, i didn't have enough time to dwell if he really wanted my nude pics or not)

may i take this time
to share with you this rhyme
for the purpose of leaving you flattered
and of forgetting this week that left us battered

and of course to make you see
that i desire nude photos of thee
(hopefully, with a glee,
you'd be mailing them to me)

though your thoughts i can never read
do know that if there's anything you need
there are always people around you
who loves and cares for you even more than i do
go find them if you must
(by the way, i love your bust)


A quick word though...

Blogs are basically or usually online journals, yes.

We post personal thoughts and experiences. That is partly why we are expected to state our sources or link properly if the thoughts aren't ours. That is also why we expect the same courtesy from others, when one or a few of what we posted will be used in other blogs.

But our blogs are not our totality. We choose what we post. Sometimes, we just post things for kicks.

And just because you read someone's blog all the time shouldn't mean you'd already think you know that person enough to overstep certain boundaries. That person will only take really personal comments from you if: 1) the friendship is mutual (as facilitated by meetings, phone conversations, e-mails, etc), 2) the comment was respectfully made and properly worded.

Please guys... observe proper courtesy.

(this, in reaction to some recent comments made in Batjay's blog)


Oh happiness... everyone, please congratulate my blogfriend as she and hubby join the ranks of insecure, filled-with-worry-and-hope, loving, crazy people out there who we usually refer to as parents...

And prayers too, for those with ailing loved ones... and friends who have just undergone surgery or check-ups... like Ting.


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