delaying reproduction

5:03 PM Friday, May 23, 2008

A friend of mine who married someone who is based in the US is one of four remaining non-Moms in our peer group. She actually wants to have kids already, I guess because she cannot help but be carried away with our own ramblings of how joyful and rewarding and challenging it is to have someone so small rule your heart (and household). That, plus she IS married to a man she really loves and they do want kids.

However, her husband does not want to have a baby yet. He wants them to learn and manage their money better before inviting the expenses a pregnancy and a family addition will bring. Plus, they are still struggling with the mortgage rates of their home because they're living on their own, separate from his family (which my friend isn't in good terms with).

Good thing for them, the mortgage they got suited their needs perfectly.

We, her friends, just cheer her up by reminding her that she is among the youngest in the group, and could afford to wait. Plus, we're pretty sure that if ever she ends up pregnant anytime soon, her husband will also be ballistic with delight. I mean, who can resist the gift of child with the person they love?

And money matters have a way of working themselves out anyway, so long as you get the right help from the people who know best, and manage your spending and saving.


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