tomorrow, I escape

7:33 PM Friday, May 02, 2008

... the heat of summer in Manila by heading to the City of Pines.

Hopefully, Baguio will be a sweet oasis for my parched body that has been slowly dying from the intensity of the heat and humidity here. It is really times like these that I hate living in a tropical country. If only I can walk around naked and wet at home, able to jump in the shower for a sprinkle of water all the time without needing to mind a son, the computer and all other things that will get wet or soiled.

But sigh... even the water that flows from the taps is warm.

A friend says it's raining in Baguio most afternoons. I worry about catching a cold... but cannot help myself from also silently looking forward to shivering while sipping hot chocolate at Cafe by the Ruins.

Thank you to the powers that be for the reprieve.


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