the pressure's on

8:42 AM Wednesday, May 28, 2008

... for me to earn.

No, it's not that hubs is moaning about his financial obligations already. And we're not exactly destitute. We could, however, start really spending less.

And honestly, I don't miss working. I just think I do but what I really miss is earning. I miss having my own money. I miss having money. I miss not feeling guilty about purchases.

I miss being able to give gifts to hubs. I miss spending my own money for nieces and nephews. I am close to using up all remaining earnings from my old work now... i've been saving it to pay my insurance premiums this July. After that, i'd really be penniless. No money to my name.


So the pressure is on for me to earn. Unfortunately, when God showered entrepreneurial skills, I was still sleeping.


Meanwhile, we should be on dengue alert.


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