photohunt: shoes

2:57 PM Saturday, May 24, 2008

Babies grow up so fast. And they get to a point where they get to express their preferences way too soon. My son started refusing shoes when he was around three months old. I really can't blame him though. His feet are fat, so the usual infant shoes wouldn't feel right. My mother-in-law took it as a cue to buy bigger sandals for him, but they're too big and heavy for his feet.

Since babies' feet are still developing and their bones there are still soft, it's really not necessary to have them wear shoes. So I stopped trying to squeeze his feet in any. I just bought bigger socks for him, which he also dislikes, but cannot remove as easily.

And without us knowing, we have amassed this many pairs as gifts from friends and family. We only bought one pair of shoes for him, the one he used at his christening (the white with yellow lining at left, bottom row). And for the life of me, I cannot find the pair for the three booties on the right which is too bad really because I loved the blue one. The one he used the most are the infant sandals at the bottom row. And I cannot wait to use the brown moccasins his godmother bought in France for him (left-most, top row). I just hope he doesn't kick it off till we lose it.

So yeah. My son has turned Imeldific without him even wanting to. People stopped giving us shoes though when they noticed that my son isn't going around with any. Hehe.


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