plastic dependency

12:45 AM Friday, May 23, 2008

Years ago, a friend of mine got in quite a fix. She maxed out her credit card. She loved to shop, and was very brand-conscious. But she was also very generous, because she also shopped for us, her friends, and for her boyfriend.

She got to a point where the credit card company was already breathing down her neck. I think she's only been paying the minimum amooooount that hardly covered the interest. Good thing for her, she was her dad's little pet and he bailed her out of the expensive fix.

Not quite sure if she learned her lesson. But I am very sure that there are all too many women/people like her who use their card too much. Especially since credit cards are now even offering up to two years of waived fees and minimal payments as low as P600 monthly. So every little new dress, and the perfect little bag to go with it, and the must-have shoes... all are charged to the plastic. Every cup of calorie-ridden frappe is malso charged to credit. It is just so easy now to live a luxurious lifestyle filled with spa appointments and facial treatments and trips all over the country. Meanwhile, millions are also incurring so much debt and making credit card companies richer by the compounding interest they accrue.

But what about those who have seen the light and want to turn over a new leaf... those who are bravely recovering from their bad credit... but are also in dire need of cash? What can they do?

Well... it's a good thing that there is such a thing as a bad credit cash loan, a form of payday loan given to those who have bad credit history. All is not lost then. Money can still be a friend even if it sometimes teaches really harsh lessons.

Of course, the plastic dependency has got to stop.


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