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7:31 AM Thursday, May 08, 2008

I AM… happy with my life. No regrets leaving the workforce to become a stay at home mom.
Tagged by Christine :)

I WANT... a telephoto lens for my DSLR.

I HAVE... nicer boobs now :D

I WISH... I can earn through paid blogging again.

I HATE... not being able to grasp the science in photography.

I FEAR... losing loved ones. (greatest fear ata ng lahat ito!)

I SEARCH... for more patience, more kindness, more tolerance and understanding in me.

I WONDER... what would have happened if I decided to strike out on my own and travelled the word earlier in life.

I REGRET... not being friends with my Mom growing up.

I LOVE... my husband and son real much!

I ALWAYS... botch up my own schedule so am always cramming and running around to finish chores/tasks.

I AM NOT... good at selling anything :(

I DANCE... really sensually :D

I SING... to my son all the time. Weirdly enough, it comforts him even when am out of tune all the time.

I CRY... when I haven't had enough sleep for days.

I WRITE... what comes to mind, what's cose to heart.

I WON... a spelling bee contest in Grade 2 and 4th year HS.

I AM CONFUSED... as to why most parents look outside of themselves for their child's entertainment, education, utrition, etc.

I NEED... to find ways to earn so my husband wouldn't be burdened so.

I SHOULD... remember to enjoy what I have all the time and not worry about what I don't have more than necessary.

THE LAST THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH IS... "Please God, let me have some sleep." :D

Now, I am tagging Mari (opkors), Panaderos and Fionski


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