i was late... but not too late

1:57 AM Wednesday, May 07, 2008

As a child, the daydream was always to travel to a place and time where I can see for myself what I was reading about.

So I wanted to see castles and forests when I read my fairy tales.

And I wanted to live in log cabins and collect firewood and wear aprons... when I read about the life of American Pioneers and their covered wagons.

And I wanted to fish, and to see snow, and to watch a train hoot by from a hill. I wanted to see different sights, different lifestyles, diferent people.

But my parents never travelled much. In fact, we never had a family trip... only those once-in-a-blue-moon trips to the beach or Our Lady of Manaoag with my father's clan. Thankfully though, my Mom usualy had office outings to the beach so I am pretty sure i've been to Ternate (Cavite) twice during jellyfish season. So Baguio and Chocolate Hills and Hundred Islands all remained to be places I could only appreciate from post cards and magazines.

That must be the saddest part of my childhood... that I only ever got to daydream but not live the dream.

It was only when I was already working that I got to see the Philippines. So I really relished every provincial trip. Then I got involved in mountaineering which led to my enchantment with Sagada. It was great being somewhere else, able to revel and marvel at where other folks are coming from. And I really want to see more of the world, while people still have not exchanged the trees and rivers for modern housing.

Alas... i've only been to Hong Kong and nowhere else abroad. I didn't do my best to go for bigger adventures because I wasn't too keen on stepping out of my comfort zone (where food is concerned). But I am growing bolder now. Not really financially able anymore as before... but I believe I haven't left it too late yet. So there is hope for the intrepid traveller in me to be gratified. Just maybe in tranches. And maybe not in the ways i've daydreamed to go about it.


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