because I am a net hound

3:19 AM Sunday, April 20, 2008

... and much of my life revolves around the internet (from meeting my husband there, meeting friends there, and maintaining a social life using it these days), I cannot help but check out some of the latest things and trends I hear about.

Take for example, which offers a lot of things in terms of connecting with friends and utilizing media. You can upload photos, entire albums of them there to direct friends and family to. You can also share the music you listen to by uploading mp3s there. I believe it also helps you in podcasting and learning (or pretending) to be a DJ. The best feature of this 3gb community however is the fact that you can promote your blog (or blogs, or specific posts). Surely, a good way to promote your blog, generate traffic and also meet new blog friends? Blog friends are a hoot to have, they comfort you, give good advice, take you in when you happen to be in their foreign land, buy your paintings, patronize your blooks, etc.

It is a mine of new friends too, because it makes hooking up with people from different places easy. And if you're single, even if not necessarily looking, it can also be a mine of possible suitors, dates or mates. I did say I met my husband on the net right? So there is always a good possibility of catching gold in communities like this.


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