nursing and my relatives

1:30 AM Thursday, April 10, 2008

My sister was unable to take the nursing board last December and then she went back to the U.S. because her VISA was expiring. And since it's winter in Michigan, she's relatively been stuck at home doing nothing.

I tried to harangue my parents into sending her back here in time to review for the July board but alas, she/they have decided that she'll just take the December board. I told her it would just be a waste of time if she waits till then to really work professionally. So now, i'm spending all our chat sessions reminding my Mom to get our uncle to help in finding CNA schools where my sister can train.

CNA courses and CNA traning will allow my sister to work as a certified nursing assistant. While working like that, which isn't really a bad first step for immigrants, she can use the experience to her advantage when she takes the nursing board there. No need really for her to take the local board here because it's certification there that she needs.

Well, since the snow is thawing for spring... I think she is finally energized into going for it.

Meanwhile, my cousin has just graduated last March and will take the July board. I told him to do the same since it's an easier way to land a job there that would allow him to practice what he was trained for. Plus, I also got contacts for a school and hospital in Chicago for special children that needs nurses and nursing assistants.

Plus, the American economy isn't as good anymore so I keep telling them to get their CNA training asap so they can work asap as well. Best that they're ready when opportunities come knocking.


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