is bryan gorrell earning much?

11:40 PM Sunday, April 27, 2008

Well, he should be, considering the traffic he's been getting at his scandal-disclosing blog.

I was directed to it by PEX Moms but didn't really read it. I directed my Berks friend to it and some of them found it super engaging. It's not really Brian's posts about the man who ripped him off or other members of the Gucci Gang that get the readers flocking. It's the tidbits and info the readersare leaving behind that my friends say are a hoot.

I think he may have taken down posts or disabled commenting though... for a time. He's also gotten all kinds of press about his blog (he's take the trouble to list them on the left side of his blog). My cousin also said something about Google itself issuing some form of support for him so his blog won't be taken down. I'm just too lazy to verify that, however.

But anyway, what do you think? Is he earning through adsense? I'm betting he is. I guess it also wouldn't be so hard for him to get approved for other link ads but Google might not like that...

Do I care about his cause? Not really... though I get where he's coming from. And since I never got what's cool about Tim Yap, I don't grieve for his, and the others', reputation either.

And if i'm to be honest, there are other news that amaze me... like how the International Rice Research Institute is located here in the country, and yet the technology of all their discoveries and innovations didn't get distributed to the farmers who actually plant the rice. So now, Filipinos are panic-buying rice, even in places like California. Or so the news says.


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