an old poem

2:07 AM Thursday, April 10, 2008

Old friends
Who didn’t see each other
For five years
Who never talked
Who never even tried
To bridge the gap
That separated them

Old friends
Soulmates, in fact
Sitting by a pier
In Hong Kong
Under a moonlit night
Talking, laughing
Not touching each other
Yet, connecting in the
Most intimate of ways

Old friends
Meeting by fate
Perchance to reconcile
Perchance to dream again
Or perchance, to say
Goodbye, finally

Old friends
Each with questions
Playing in their mind
Each with regrets
Burdening their hearts
Each with wistful smiles
In their faces
Asking silently
How their friendship
Would end this time

Old friends
Or former sweethearts
It doesn’t really matter
What they were then
But that they are there now
Sitting at that pier
With the cold night wind
And the sweet smell of sea
Making up their minds
Making up their hearts
What they’re going to be…

-Mec 4:45 pm

funnily enough, three years after I wrote this, I went to HongKong with another guy, and married him the following year.

sadly enough, this guy and I aren't friends anymore

weirdly enough, I am so secure in my marriage that I can reminisce about old loves and romances without feeling my mariage is being threatened... or that am living with regrets...


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