i miss being active

2:32 PM Tuesday, April 08, 2008

When I was lamenting that I don't get to wear my heels anymore, plus my other shoes, I realized that I have two pairs of trek shoes (my Merell ones even have No Tye Laces) that I haven't worn for over a year.

My camping/climbing equipment are also all gathering dust somewhere, and I don't even remember where I kept my carabs and earth pad and kernmantle ropes and first-aid equipment. Heck, I also don't know if the headbands and kerchiefs I used to keep the sweat from my eyes when I climb are still clean where they are.

Sigh. I miss being active. I miss being out in the sun and one with nature. I miss sweating from exercise and the benefits of using all my muscles. I even miss training for my climbs by running everyday after work which was very hard for me.

I even miss playing badminton at work. My racket, which we bought in a sporting goods store in HongKong, is in a box somewhere with all my other office stuff.

Maybe, when I finally land on my feet again with this mothering business, I will have a chance to look for all my equipment and enjoy sports/activity again. And I know I was a couch potato all my life but I really loved being active when I had the chance.


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