missing the EGGs

1:39 AM Friday, April 11, 2008

EGG (Elite Group of Girls) was a smaller group from the LL (Ladies Lounge) of mygimmick.com. We bonded over a pyjama party and formed a circle of trust as we watched each others' backs... back in those days when we're all still single and could fall prey to the charms or machinations of players (men).

All our PJ parties were fun and food-filled. Usually, the suitors or boyfriends or admirers would sponsor a room in Discovery Suites and just send or drop or have the food and booze delivered to our door. Our fave drink then? Tequila Rose which is so expensive, we could have had two bottles of mudslides for the price of one rose.

We seldom allowed men to stay though, and those nights are usually spent talking about men, sex, food, and gossip. And yes, there are lots of photos taken especially when most are already tipsy and more than willing to take off their bras, tops and something else.

It's in one of these that I got to experience kissing a girl. And where I got desensitized to seeing other women's breasts...

In a way, our gatherings were tame. On the other hand, I have incriminating pics that would say otherwise. But mostly it was just giddy, girly fun. We'd tease each other about anything and everything, get shocked by secrets, cry over spilled milk and big-time jerks.

Our PJ parties were our girls' night IN... and I so miss the company of women that free.


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