meeting the legend

5:10 PM Thursday, April 17, 2008

The legend, of course, is Batjay, known for his Tagalog blog filled with stories about boogers, body odor and balls (his). And stories about living abroad and loving his wife too. His second book was just launched last Monday and some of the Berks got to see him there. Of course, we had to have an official EB of sorts which is why we met at Pot N Noddles last night.

Because I forgot my camera, I had to content myself with taking pictures using my N73 Nokia phone. Too bad really... but still, we had a spanking grand time!

Okay, sorry. Once the food came, I forgot all about taking pictures. But here is a group shot grabbed from Doc Emer :)

And I really should pay more attention to how I look, shop for better-fitting clothes and put on some make-up to hide the eyebags :D And yeah, comb my hair too... :D


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