Two of the moms I had dinner with over two weeks ago are attending culinary schools. I was immensely envious because I have always dreamed of learning to cook and preparing savory, delectable meals for my family.

Anyway, another friend abroad wants to attend a culinary school to further fatten up her husband. She said she's looking for a chef school near her area at and that the site has made it really easy.

So I checked the site she mentioned and found how helpful it can really be. It even lists schools culturally for those who might want to specialize in French or Mexican cooking. Me, if ever I get the chance, I would probably attend a baking school because I really love cakes and really dream of making my own kids' birthday cakes. Kinda traditional, yes.

What I did after visiting the site? E-mail my friend who manages a bakeshop in New York, of course. Am sure she'd find it helpful as well.


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