it feels like progress

10:14 PM Thursday, April 03, 2008

When I was young, we could only have ice cream (not the dirty ice cream kind) and cake on really special occasions... like birthdays and graduations. Sometimes, we'd buy cake for Christmas. But that was it, ice cream and cake were special treats.

When I started working, it felt good to be able to buy ice cream and cake more often. As in every payday, aside from every ocassion I can think of. Plus, since I was spending my own money, I could also sample other brand cakes and not limit myself to what Goldilocks, red Ribbon and Joni's (?) can offer then.

It got to a point where my sister said she's sick of cakes and ice cream already. Because sometimes, we end up having both in the same week, or sampling three different cakes in a week, or in a day, or buying three different-flavored ice creams. When i'm craving them, i'd even sometimes treat my department to some.

I sometimes wonder... is ice cream and cake more affordable now, or i've gotten to a point where i'm richer, or both. But it feels like progress, this ability to enjoy and indulge in these particular sweets.


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