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2:54 PM Wednesday, March 12, 2008

For others, it may seem like a foolish dream.

But for my husband's family, going to Spain is a dream... a dream resulting from a childhood riddled with stories of how their clan comes from the Spanish Royal Family, and the clandestine affairs that brought this about.

So, although they're not after the throne or the wealth, going to Spain would be like coming home. A connecting with forefathers that grew in its streets, danced to its music, ate its spicy food and lived... to fight wars in a country very far away from their motherland.

Which is why its really great that there are a lot of cheap Spain hotels where one can stay while enjoying and exploring its beauty, its promises, its secrets. And of course, cheap Madrid hotels will allow us to walk on the same streets that our own Philippine heroes walked on over a century ago.

Spain caters to many in different ways. The local music scene, the savory dishes, and fashion all appeal to travellers. The country also appeals to honeymooners very much, with cheap Barcelona hotels adding to the sense of romance and passion. Cheap Alicante hotels and cheap Costa del Sol hotels offer walking-distance adventures to vacationing families.

Hotels can offer free parking (if you rented a car), free breakfast and meals (usually good for two), internet access (so you can easily upload your pictures to send to friends) and gym (so that all the food need not make you lose your waist). These hotels would prove very important in travelling to Spain on a budget, something my husband's family is currently cooking up.

The dream is that all cousins with their families will take this trip and tell their fathers about, those fathers who brought them up with love and longing for Spain.


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