the problem with Ramielle

12:09 AM Friday, March 07, 2008

... is that though she is talented, she's just not THAT talented. And, she looks cheap, trashy... like she doesn't take a bath or like she's some desperate sex worker who's down on her luck. Or okay, she looks like she's stuck in the 80's or something.

I'm sorry... I like her but I can't help but wince everytime I see her. Doesn't anyone sponsor her outfits? Can't she get anyone to sponsore her outfits?

Plus, she's short and her body type is a little weird so dressing her may be a challenge (while Vilma and Nora, though short, had beautifully proportioned bodies). So is that it? Things seldom fit her right?

But she is a thousand times more talented than Jasmine Trias will ever be... so if she lasts in American Idol because Pinoys all over the world vote with a vigilance, she would at least deserve it.

But alas! She's not AI material... unless she cleans up her... uhm... image maybe.

(oh and the supposedly racy pics of her? they're actually just cute)


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