my weight history

10:50 PM Monday, March 17, 2008

When I was in grade 5, I stood 5'3" and weighed 88 lbs.

When I was in college, I stood my present height of 5'4" and a half and weigh between 93-98 lbs.

I started gaining weight in 2000. When I was active in mountaineering (2002), I already weighed around 110-115. And then I continued to balloon.

I blame a slower metabolism... or all my food binges catching up on me, because my appetite has actually been decreasing (or at least, the volume I can consume). I can't really do buffets and smorgasborgs justice anymore.

Despite exercising at the office gym, I got married at 120 lbs in December 2005. Three months after getting married, I started gaining weight so fast I really felt ugly for the first time in my life. But then, I think it was the marital happiness that caused the speedy weight gain. And of course, i'd rather be happy than skinny.

And so it went. When I got pregnant, I was already overweight at 140 lbs. But because of aversions and lack of appette during the pregnancy, I actually lost ten pounds in the first trimester. I topped the scales at 160 lbs. though when I was about to give birth.

Thanks to breastfeeding, two weeks after giving birth, i've already lost 12 lbs. Three weeks after, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 140 lbs. But around Christmas, when I got my appetite back, I went up to 145-150 again.

But since February... I have been steadily losing weight eventhough I haven't gotten to exercising again. I am now 125 lbs with some parts still lumpy from the pregnancy. I thank breastfeeding and maybe have to concede that lack of sleep also helped.

I am more excited to jump on our treadmill again... but lack of sleep leaves me fatigued everyday. I really have to exercise though to tone my muscles and fit into my old (gimik) clothes. Because the downside to this is that my pre-pregnancy clothes don't fit anymore. And I don't have any budget for new ones yet. Sigh.

What about you, what is your weight hstory?


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