the greatest dance era for moi

6:00 PM Monday, March 31, 2008

When we were in Bataan, the younger ones (compared to me) and the single ones spent one night dancing to the crazily wonderful songs of the late 80s and early 90s. Think Pump Up the Jam to Stars (I hope you comprehend...). The following morning, one of them found out that I actually knew the steps to Electric Youth and Sweets for my Sweet. She was furious that I didn't join them the night before and exacted a promise from me that i'd dance for them next year, because Holy Week in Bataan is a tradition for them.

So yeah, I know, Holy Week and the youngsters are dancing and laughing. But I digress.

I knew the steps to Electric Youth because I danced it onstage. That and "I'm beginning to think it's Christmas" (Chipmunks) and "Froggy Frog Frog" (?) are the only songs I really danced to in front of an 'established' audience (Oh, Ragga Muffin Girl too!). Of course, all those times in Streetlife, Padi's, Soundstage, etc. don't count, and the audience then seldom had their eyes on you, all the time. Which is very unlike school or company events.

I love to dance. But I could never really follow steps. I cannot even say am graceful. But I love to dance!!! So, although I was never considered as one of the 'dancers' in class, I still went on to be referred to as Grind Queen in what was then, the cooler places to be.

I can dance Boogie and Cha-cha fairly well though, but cannot tango nor swing if my life depended on it. And modesty aside, I know I can twist like a pro. But the last dance song I think that I knew all the steps was the "Pinoy Ako" song, mainly because my sister and I loved to dance it for Py then.

But now there is this challenge. Do I still know the steps to these old dance songs, even if I can't anymore deliver them? Even if only the Chorus? let me list them:

Name Game
New York, Rio, Tokyo
Ice, Ice Baby
Street Beat
Tease Me
2 Legit 2 Quit
My Girl
Hello Africa
Jump (no brainer eh)
How Gee
Mambo No. 5
Ragga Muffin Girl
(Shake) Body Dancer
Bring dat Booty (over here)
Tootsie Roll
My Boo
Mr. Boombastic
Oh Carolina
Rave Stump
Elevate My Mind
Lost in Emotion
Dying Inside
You Gotta Lick It
Rump Shaker
The Sign
Walk like an Egyptian
Rico Mambo
Thai Na Na...

Wehehe... I wonder if they'd become classics for the younger generation... or not... :)

And if you haven't noticed, some of the songs are far newer than the others :) Just chalk it up to a younger sister and other younger cousins.


Which is why I really loved the Evolution of Dance video on youtube.


Maneouvers then was more Gary V.'s back-up dancers... but they ruled with RAVE STUMP and SA YAHWEH. Plus, they were darned good-looking.

Universal Motion Dancers (UMD) was more pang-masa, and they popularized a lot of really popular favorites but I think they will be best known for their STARS and ALWAYS. I loved them best for SHINE (shine like a star) though, with their oversized coats and batons. But their break-out song was MY GIRL with that girl (manager?) I can't name.

Streetboys came a lot later and their charm included some acrobatics. They came around the time my sister was getting interested in the pop culture of her time.

Need a refresher? Watch.


Special Mention to Francis M. and Masta Plann :) Loved them that time too... Mga Kababayan Ko and Bring dat Booty are classics... for me.


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