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4:57 PM Monday, March 31, 2008

One of the early things to go for our generation is our eyesight, and more easily too if it was not perfect to start out with. We can blame it on the kind of media we grew up in, from computers to personal gadgets like media players. We don't even read books as paperbacks anymore, but as e-files we read from our PDAs. Thus, the strain on our eyes day in and day out.

Good thing there is such a site like http://www.ZenniOptical.com which offers $ 8 Zenni Optical Rx Eyeglasses. The site offers easily affordable glasses. One can choose from its eyeglass categories so whether you are looking for a plastc frame or a titanium one, they have it and are selling at the lowest possible price.

The site guarantees that even their $8 glasses have UV protection and are coated with anti-scratch. This then makes their eyeglasses the perfect thing to wear while reading under a tree, right on the beach, in the middle of summer.

They also provide a free microfiber cleaning cloth with orders so all patrons are at least guaranteed a ready way to care for their glasses.

Eyeglass-wearers will tell you that eyeglasses can be so expensive sometimes, especially if you require specialized lens. But with http://www.ZenniOptical.com, people won't necessarily have to break the bank.

Of course, those who will order glasses online should mind their face shape, especially their noses and eyebrows. As a general rule though, a friend once told me that I should wear glasses that will overwhelm my big nose so that it will flatter my face, but I think that's mostly for shades/sunglasses.


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