My SIL is kidding us about going to a fashion school after she finishes school. She is currently taking up HRIM (?) from Benilde and is graduating this October. She's also the one going to Paris as an immersion project.

I actually wouldn't be surprised if she goes through with this, since she is, after all, the girl who is considered the top fashionista in class. Her classmates would even check everyday what shoes she is wearing or how she accessorized herself. I'm guessing she came to ponder this when she chanced upon the site when she was looking for a fashion school in New York.

Of course, she'd be looking for New York fashion schools because that's where Fashion Week happens. provides top fashion schools in this fashion capital of the world for everyone who wants to study fashion trends and styles. The site also offers fashion articles that tackle career options, journalism, marketing, merchandising and runway trends. One-stop shop comes to mind, doesn't it?

The site also lists fshion schools according to design, merchandising and marketing. It does make sense to go to school first so one can learn fashion first-hand, what works, what doesn't.

Fashion schools New York =


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