dividing properties

6:52 PM Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I guess in a way, it's still easier to divvy up properties when you have something to divide instead of there being nothing. I'm talking of when parents separate, or maybe when they die.

It's painful, true.

And deciding to sell something that had much history with the family... that is sure to break a heart. But can you blame a parent if she'd rather have nothing to do with the family resthouse anymore after knowing your father and her mistress slept in the same bed she used to call her own?

I wouldn't.

But yeah, it sort of invalidates all the good times you had as a child there.

But the division of properties when parents separate... it must be really terrible for the children, for they make the separation more tangible, more real.

I advised my friend to hire professionals (brokers or real estate agencies) in dealing with this thing. Because the situation with her husband will just drag on and on if she doesn't claim the power over the properties she's asked for herself and her kids. And I know that the least thing she needs right now is to come off as a beggar.

But some of her kids are raging over her decision to sell their resthouse. And I could see it in their eyes, how they think she's to blame, how they think she's making the already awful situation worse.


On the other hand, I wish parents with properties would take it upon themselves to already divide it among their kids while they're still alive. It's the responsible thing to do. Children are more likely to respect the decision when they know it came from their parents. Leaving kids to divide your properties among themselves when you're already gone will leave much room to wondering, second-guessing and squabbling.

nd not because they're all suddenly greedy, ungrateful kids. It's just that properties leave much promise and responsibility, which will add to each child's comforts or frustration.


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