i want a beach house

7:20 PM Monday, March 24, 2008

To say I fell in love with the Bataan beach house we stayed in will be an understatement. But I don't exactly want a beach house as grand and luxuriously-appointed as the one our hosts owned. I just want an expansive one where I can entertain friends and their families, and watch our youngs from the balcony. With a lovely view and clean sea and nice sand, of course.


Of course, I have to acknowledge that our hosts only got to have their beach house built around 2 years ago, and they're already pushing 60 and their kids are all smoking and out of college. But they've owned the land for around thirty years now and have started vacationing there with friends since then.

I want something like that. And I cannot figure out how we'd ever get there.

And of course, I dream of El Nido still.


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