happy birthday, Papa

2:40 PM Friday, March 14, 2008

I loved being on your knee when I was a child. And I looked up to you so much, I even felt that my loyalties should only lie with you.

But for the past years, I have learned a lot of things that destroyed my image of you. You're not anymore somone I really look up to. You're someone I never want to be... not anymore.

And weirdly enough, it has allowed me to reconcile with my Mom.

I still hate (strong word, yes, but such is my disappointment) a lot of the things you did, and a lot of things you still do. I hate having to realize that we never came first, that you didn't treat my mother right. But I will always love you. You're my father. I'm your daughter. And you'd always be my first hero.

I just wish though, that you'll spend your years loving us, prioritizing us, being with us. It's time you do, Pa.


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