the McCartney divorce

1:38 AM Thursday, March 20, 2008

Of the Beatles, I was a John Lennon fan. But that doesn't mean that I didn't pay attention to Paul McCartney's talent and charm. He is the sweet-faced choir boy, after all.

And I loved his marriage to Linda. I fell in love with their marriage when Paul said in an interview that the most he and Linda spent apart is probably three days... because he sees no point in marrying someone only to be away from her.

If that's not an "Awww" moment, I don't know what is.

So I was really sad when his beloved passed away. And was scared and protective of him when he started dating Heather Mills, not because I think Heather was a witch and b!tch (which she later turned out to be) but I just didn't think a lot of people can find true love twice in a lifetime.

But they wed and for a while was happy. They even had a child. And then, they separated and got a divorce.

Maybe Paul never recovered from the loss of Linda, which made him a less than wonderful husband. Maybe he has quirks and whatever and only Linda really got him. Who knows?

But I believe he's not a jerk at all... and if he had failures, they cannot possibly be so big and so unforgivable. I believe it's Heather who's really a witch and a b!tch. She has lied so much just to sully Paul's name and reputation, even going as far as dragging the dead Linda into it. All because of money and fame. She kept acting like she was a victim (maybe even seeing a parallel in her life and Diana's) when Paul has always been the gracious, decent one.

I also don't really get the divorce system and the terms of awarding such scandalous amounts to bad spouses. Yes, Paul is worth millions but I don't think Heather is entitled to so much of it. I just feel so sorry for their child, because her mercenary mother will deprive her of a good father, for Heather is sure to forever badmouth Paul.

Am I just blinded by love for Paul? So what?


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