friends from pex

3:44 PM Thursday, March 13, 2008

I discovered back in 2002. I immediately found friends there... though my barkada then are no more. I also found dancing buddies there. I also got to go to Boracay because of the site. I fell in love with someone, only to get hurt. Then, years after, I married the pexer who won the Boracay trip.

Back then, I was among the top posters of the site.

Then I stopped posting there because the site was so lagged. And I discovered blogging instead.

But when I got pregnant, I found my way there again. And I discovered friends in the mothers there who kept me sane in the midst of all the changes and transitions.

Where else can you find a prettier, hotter, sexier, more intelligent bunch of Mommies? :) I got home at midnight last night, feeling very guilty and worried about my son, but refreshed and revived by the company of girlfriends.

Love it!!!


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