because i'm a sick, lactivist Mom

9:35 PM Saturday, January 05, 2008

... i've been doing research on Homeopathic Medicine, alternative medicine, herbal nutrition and the like. Although a lot of medicines, even antibiotics, are safe for breastfeeding Moms, I still get paranoid about the little that will get into my breastmilk. And heaven help me, the protection my pregnancy gave me from my allergies is no more. I am at the mercy of the elements again, so to speak.

In a way, I am to be chastised. I did not observe any of that steamed bath with choice herbs thing for my first bath after giving birth. But still, I do believe in the power of herbal nutrition and medicine and acknowledge that they usually have the least side effects.

Which is why i've bookmarked a particular Herbal Nutrition Network, for reference. Us Moms need all the help we can get, after all.


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