major taxi hassle

8:36 AM Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I went to the doctor yesterday for my allergies and colds then did some errands at Rob Place Manila. I bought so many chips and bihon/sotanghon noodles (to send to my Mom abroad) so although I could carry my purchases, it was hard to do so because they were bulky (around six bags in all).

So I decided to just spend more money and ride a cab home instead. I lined up at the mall's taxi depot as usual. The driver asked me where I was going before I boarded the taxi with my purchases so imagine my distress and rage when he suddenly changed his mind about taking me and told me he'd just drop me off at P. Faura!!!

I immediately threatened to sic the police on him which didn't faze him a bit. He continued rattling about how he wouldn't meet his boundary, how i'm probably living in a super loob-looban place, etc. I asked him what his problem was since he'd be getting paid anyway. He told me it's just a hassle for him and later on even quipped that he doesn't need my money!

He returned me to the depot where he picked me up, making a big deal out of it as if I should be thankful that he just didn't really kick me out... while also continuing to rattle about how dare I threaten him with the police when he's also a policeman himself.

While this was happening, I was saving their cab's operator number and has already texted my husband to check the number out.

Have I already said I was fuming, hopping mad? Grr talaga! I would have been annoyed if he'd rejected me as a passenger before I boarded his cab... but to have already been inside with all those grcery bags and being obviously sick, I really wished death onto the man.

Grr. Anyway, hubs did call the operator and they said they'd call him back today to inform him of the action they're going to take on this man. They better call today or I will really report them to LTFRB. I even have a mind to hunt the man down, get his name, and really have the police and NBI make life harder for him (after all, he's supposedly one of them right?).

I've set my phone to alert me at 4:00 PM. And the taxi operator better have proof that they really took action against this man!

Ugh. I am sooo on war mode!


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