2:31 PM Monday, January 28, 2008

My gosh... I almost got an annulment after watching this film, only because I couldn't accept that I let JRA have me watch the film.

I fell asleep a couple of times but my son would wake up and cry... so I ended p finishing the whole friggin' flick. Ugh.

I'm sorry... I know the star won an Oscar (and it's really amazing to me that people got to notice his acting amidst the really, really, really boring movie) and maybe there are others out there who appreciated the movie, think it's a Classic and consider people like me who didn't like me as among those lacking in culture and whatever...

Still... that was a waste of two hours, I sh!t everybody not.

(and just in case visitors here are wondering why am suddenly on movie geek mode, do forgive me, but am only catching up... and what else is a sahm to do? hehe)


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