p.s. i love you - the movie

3:37 AM Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back in September I think, I was gushing in anticipation over the fact that a chick lit I loved was made into a movie.

Well, i've seen the movie. And i'm not sure I liked it. Maybe it's because I really liked the book, despite the criticisms hurled at it. And I know few movies stay faithful to a book and maybe if I hand't read the book, i'd have found the movie okay.

But the movie was ok. But maybe a little forgettable too. They didn't quite manage to create the degree of history that the heroine supposedly has with the souse she lost, and her friends who saw her through.

Gerard Butler was handsome... and having seen 300, he's totally unserious here (but his love scenes in 300 were far more erotic).

I didn't know Harry Connick Jr. actually knew how to act... but he's pretty convincing.

And who would have thought Hilary Swank can actually look hot? She's always come across as masculine to me, but she reminded me of that girl from Coyote Ugly :)

But man oh man, is Jeffrey Dean Morgan just smoldering here? Ugh. How can anyone smile so beautifully? Just typing about him makes my knees buckle, hehe.

As a movie, you wouldn't have lost anything if you don't see this one. But see it for Morgan anyway... he's delicious and you get to see his butt.


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