revived net life

8:00 PM Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Slowly, I have been finding myself very much able to revive my net life. I am finding more hours to blog, am also able to go chatting again. Such bliss! I never knew I could enjoy these things again.

I love my net life. When friends weren't able to provide me their company in the gimmicks I wanted, and when they cannot provide the immediate adult conversation I needed while I was stagnating in my former job, there was the internet to turn to.

In free chat rooms and message boards, strangers became gimmick buddies, friends and teachers of life lessons. I had company, no matter what time of day, what day of the week. I found bosom buddies who also loved dancing. I found people to hang out with on Saturday nights. I found people to sound off ideas with, to consult in decision-making, to share stories with.

Heck, I found my husband in a chat room.

So now I can't help but smile and feel a little smug about those people who used to say that only losers are on the internet... because my stories will prove them wrong. And I am truly thankful that hubs understands why I am so into my internet friends, after all, our relationship bloomed from the same. Now, he's even friends with my internet friends. And it is quite funny to be reffering to people by peer group name or chat handle/monicker when he's getting confused.

Now, to establish a chatting routine.


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