going back to down under

8:52 PM Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My aunt and cousins are going back to Australia tomorrow, after a month-long visit here. Of course, they've repeated their invitation for us to visit them there too.

They said we could all go to Queensland and have our pick of hotels in the Gold Coast depending on where we want to go or what we want to do. General category of choices would be going to the beach, doing some serious shopping or enjoying theme parks.

Of course, hotels in Surfers Paradise will be nearest the pristine beaches that this part of the world is known for.

We could also visit relatives in the southern part of Australia and choose from among the hotels in Adelaide. There, we could visit local wineries and churches or probably rent a houseboat along the Murray River.

Oh well, if ever we get to go on this adventure, it wouldn't be complete without a side trip to Perth for my husband's relatives, especially his aunt who was principal sponsor to our wedding. Perth hotels are sure to be very accommodating but am sure this set of relatives can put us up for a weekend with no problem.

Maybe I should already do my research this early... we didn't do any travelling last year, after all so we owe it to our little family to do some this year.


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