landscapes and dreams

9:44 PM Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If asked what my dream home looks like, i'd say it would be a big property, with a big house filled with spacious rooms, minimal furniture, with bay windows all over (or maybe even French doors) and a sprawling yard.

Yes, I want a big yard where kids can run about and where I can have late afternoon snacks with company. I want the house to be able to breathe so a yard all around would be a must. I want lots of flowers in yellow and orange, and also a lot of mints for their wonderful scent.

Which is why i'd probably get the services of a landscaping company like Tru Green, so that i'd get expert advice on what shrubs and trees would require minimal care. I'd also need advice and tips on how to keep my lawn healthy and bug-free. And keeping it un-cluttered.

And underneath one of the trees bordering my yard, i'd place a swing for some afternoon reading.

Blissful, isn't it?


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