buying gold?

11:41 PM Thursday, January 10, 2008

I remember when we were planning our wedding years ago (yikes, time really flies when you're having fun), we thought of buying gold in threads because we were advised that they come in their purest form that way in this country. Of course, the gold is for our wedding rings, which ended up requiring some 20 grams, I think.

Buying them in gold bulion form was supposedly a no-no, because chances are, they wouldn't be pure gold and we'd be shortchanged a bit. And you can only buy them in Bulacan or that area in Pasay near those funeral parlors, otherwise you may end up being duped.

And then I discover that you can now safely and surely buy gold online! Of course, probable main clients would be those with big money or savings who can protect their wealth that way. Still, isn't that another of those amazing things the internet has brought into our lives?

Just about anyone can be merchants from their own home. :)


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